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School renovation project needs to be scaled back

To the editor:

The Bangor Daily News reported in March 2013, on the most expensive high schools in the state of Maine:

(1.) Mt. Blue at a cost of $56,651,000, opened in 2013, capacity 925 students, cost per student, $61,200.

(2.) Hampden Academy at a cost of $49,200,000, opened in 2012, capacity 800 students, cost per student, $61,500.

These projects included the cost of land and its development.

Local high school remodeling projects:

(1.) Wells-Ogunquit, cost $26,850,000, capacity 475 students, cost per student $56,530.

(2.) Kennebunk proposed cost $53,550,000, capacity 700 students, cost per student, $76,500.

If we (Kennebunk) were to build new at the average cost per student at the most expensive high school in Maine we could reduce the proposed cost to $42,840,000, a savings of $10,710,000.

If we were to match the cost per student to that used by WOCD we could reduce the proposed cost to $39,570,000, a savings of $13,980,000.

The RSU 21 building proposals are an elitist attempt to have people judge our schools by its superficial appearance, not on the quality of the education we provide all our students.

Ed Geoghan

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