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Great Person for 2013 named

By Ben Pinette
Contributing Writer

KENNEBUNK – JoAnn Lapoint of Kennebunk has been voted the Post’s Great Person of 2013.

When her friend, Kennebunk podiatrist Dr. David Micca, was in dire need of a kidney, Lapoint donated one of her own to save her friend’s life.

“When a friend is dying and you can make a difference, I honestly think anyone would do the same. You want to continue to live together,” Lapoint said. “People knew that he was very giving and he’s done a lot, but did not know his need for care. I just knew that life is the biggest gift. All of it is beyond words.”

Jacqueline Aiken, a close friend of Lapoint, nominated her for the title.

“JoAnn going through all of this was not well known,” she said.

Aiken also added with all of the publicity surrounding the Zumba case, Kennebunk focused more on “negative” news in 2013. Lapoint’s charitable deed was more memorable to Aiken than any other story last year, and she was amazed at how selfless her friend was.

“Look at what people will do for each other,” Aiken said.

Lapoint was honored and humbled by her selection as 2013’s Great Person.

“I was just helping a friend in need,” she said.

See next week’s Post for a feature story on Lapoint.

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