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Great Person voting is underway

The following people have been nominated Great Person of the Year.

Jacqueline Aiken nominates JoAnn Lapoint: We nominate JoAnn Lapoint for donating one of her kidneys to Dr. Micca, a podiatrist of Kennebunk who was in desperate need of a donor match.

Micca was in severe declining health with no hope for a future. John and JoAnn Lapoint were best friends with the Micca family for decades. As it was terminal and the donation organizations list was not/unable to respond to the need, they had themselves tested to see if they would be a donor match and JoAnn was determined to be an eligible for a kidney donation to Dr. Micca.

Without a second thought JoAnn went through the surgery process in February of 2013 to donate to Micca. She suffered complications in the process and was hospitalized longer as a result. JoAnn never complained, she endured and Micca’s body accepted her kidney.

JoAnn was selfless in her efforts to save Micca’s life. JoAnn gave Micca and his family a 2013 year to remember and the precious gift of life. Therefore, we nominate JoAnn for the 2013 Great Person award as an outstanding community member.

Joann is also on the parks and recreation board, the president of Navy Families of Maine and a mother of four children, one serving in the Navy.

Please consider JoAnn in your effort to select the Great Person Award and keep JoAnn and Dr. Micca in your prayers. As a reminder, please consider to recycle yourself and be an organ donor.

Marie Parker nominates Raymond Ingalls: Ray is not only the best friend that anyone could ask for, he has committed his life to helping others. Whether it has been serving our country in the Army or the town of Kennebunk as a firefighter, Ray has given back to so many in countless ways.

Elaine A. Meyer nominates Mark Dufoe: I work with Mark at Kennebunk Light and Power and before I did, I had no idea how much this man is involved in his community, both in Kennebunkport and Kennebunk. He spends weeks riding around following up leads so that both communities have the most beautiful Christmas trees to display during the important Prelude and holiday period. He also is the person who collected all the wooden lobster traps for the Cape Porpoise Tree. He constructs that tree every year. Puts the decorations on it and the lights and makes sure the wiring is correct so that it lights perfectly at the tree lighting every year. And after all is said and done, he takes it back down and carries it to wherever the traps are stored until the next Christmas. He helps countless people, including me, with anything and everything needed without a bad word or complaint. I am sure I don’t know a quarter of the things he does, but if you contact April, his wife, I am sure she can fill you in. He is also a great dad. His daughter, Raven, means the world to him and he saves a lot of his days off so that they can go skiing together when Raven is home from college. He is a great boss and helps all of his co-workers all the time. Please consider Mark for this award, and also, please call April Dufoe for more information. Thank you.

Andrea Mulcahy nominates Susan Cressey, principal of Kennebunk High School: She displays genuine kindness, concern and pride in her students. While she attends numerous school functions and after school activities, it is evident that she makes the effort to connect with the parents and the students in a meaningful way. We are lucky to have her leadership in this school district.

Stanley Szemela nominates Leo Moreau of Arundel: Leo on a daily basis believes and practices the greatest happiness in the world is to make others happy.

Karin M. Olson nominates Ruth Bentley of Kennebunkport: Ruth Bentley is one of the greatest people I know. She’s been a terrific inspiration for me throughout the years. I could not count the number of volunteer positions she has and she is at least 86 years old. She’s been a long time volunteer with kids, staff and families at Sweetser and she is very active with her family, friends, community and church.

Lyman A. Page, M.D., nominates June Ficker: June was a pioneer birdbander in Maine in 1979 and has been banding birds regularly since, moving to Laudholm Farm in 1989. This activity has provided abundant scientific knowledge of bird migration and health status, and has served in collaboration with Dr. Peter Rand of Maine Medical Center to keep records of Lyme-diseasetick status as reflected in its bird infestation. During this time she has provided untold education about birds, scientific method and facts and nature to numerous adults and children and has arranged availability for children in several area schools to participate in the National Audubon Society’s educational programs on nature. Several children who have helped in the banding program have gone on in ornithology and are leaders of it in Maine. During much of this time June virtually sustained the York County Audubon Society during a period in which it was not affiliated with Maine Audubon. York County Audubon now has more than 500 members (also members of Maine Audubon), supports multiple environmental activities in York County and leads regular bird walks free to all comers. June continues to serve on its board. Her banding operation continues in season as a regular event at Laudholm Farm in the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Lou Miller nominates Beth Jones: For 17 years, Beth Jones has been chairwoman of the board of directors for Church Community Outreach Services, a nonprofit organization that serves residents in need in Kennebunk, Arundel and Kennebunkport. Our organization is unique in that board members represent most of the churches in the three towns. We fly mostly below the radar because, to date, donations, church contributions, food drive organizers, etc., have enabled us to avoid fundraising. Also, our food baskets, fuel aid and other types of assistance are channeled through social service offices in the three villages.

Beth is the glue that keeps this organization functioning at a high level. We board members come and go, but her leadership is constant and steady, guiding us on our mission of helping others. During my eight years on the board, I have seen the numbers of people to whom we provide assistance increase dramatically, as has the variety of assistance. As many as 50 volunteers pack and deliver boxes of food five days a week, host a produce pantry, provide fuel aid, food vouchers, holiday baskets, school snacks, etc. There were 1,700 food deliveries in 2013; 30 to 40 produce pantry recipients every Friday and many people receiving fuel aid.

As our responsibilities have increased, Beth has maintained a steady hand at the helm while never losing her humility, cheerfulness or her gratitude to us and to God for the opportunity to serve. She works incredibly hard to assure that she and we can do what needs to be done. The board and the three villages are fortunate she is amongst us. Teri Cordinelli nominates Leslie Lindgren: Because of her generosity of time, resources and funds for many projects: Carlisle Academy-Riding, Seacoast Garden Club and food pantry.

Brian Fox nominates Anna, Kennebunk Savings Bank finance center: Awesome teller and great, great person.

Brian Fox nominates Daryl Conant, Fitness Nut House: So, so helpful, polite and kind to everyone in the gym.

Brian Fox nominates Molly Graham, Kennebunk Free Library: Helpful, kind and a great smile, the best.

Brian Fox nominates Ashley, Duffy’s Bar and Grill: So helpful and A-plus service, a great person.


Great Person of the Year

Leslie Lindgren Mark Dufoe
Anna (Kennebunk Savings teller) Susan Cressey
Daryl Conant Leo Moreau
Molly Graham Ruth Bentley
Ashley (Duffy’s Bar and Grill) June Ficker
JoAnn Lapoint Beth Jones
Raymond Ingalls

Mail or drop off ballots by Jan. 3 to Kennebunk Post, 1 York St., Biddeford,

ME 04005. No email ballots accepted.

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