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Town manager named

By Alex Acquisto
Staff Writer

KENNEBUNKPORT — Laurie Smith, town manager of Wiscasset, accepted the town manager position in Kennebunkport last Thursday after the board of selectmen approved the selection by a 4-0 vote. Chairman Stuart Barwise was not in attendance. John Fraser has been the interim town manager since September.

Fraser said Smith was highly recommended.

“She’s very personable, she has a great background, she’s very smart,” Fraser said. “I think she’ll be great and everyone will really like working with her.”

Smith, 49, has served as Wiscasset’s town manager since 2010. She earned her bachelor’s in public administration from the University of Maine at Orono. Prior to Wiscasset, Smith served as both assistant city manager and interim city manager for Auburn, as well as town manager for Boothbay Harbor and Oxford.

Smith is an executive committee board member for Maine Municipal Association and a board member for the Maine Energy Investment Corporation. Smith, who is single, has four children between the ages of 12 and 24.

Smith will replace Larry Mead, who stepped down in September to take the same position in Old Orchard Beach.

Fraser will continue to act as interim town manager until early February, at the latest. He has been compensated $1,500 a week. Smith’s salary as town manager for Kennebunkport will be $96,000, Fraser said.

“I’m very excited at the opportunity to be the manager of Kennebunkport,” Smith said. “I feel very honored and fortunate that they are giving me a chance to have an impact on their community.”

Smith’s last day in Wiscasset will be Feb. 7, according to her resignation letter. Smith’s first day as town manager in Kennebunkport has not yet been determined.

Smith is required to live within 30 minutes driving distance of Kennebunkport when she officially takes the position.

At the selectmen’s meeting on Thursday, Dec. 12, Smith told the board: “You have a wonderful community, and when I visited through the process it was clear the pride in the community and the commitment level of the citizens, volunteers and the elected board, the professionalism and the desire to really maintain the unique quality and place that Kennebunkport is. And I’m happy to be a part of that and look forward to future endeavors.”

Selectmen Allen Daggett spoke on behalf of the board: “We welcome you with open arms and we’re very glad to have you as our new town manager.”

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