2013-12-13 / Letters

School vote puts citizens in peril

To the editor:

The citizens comprising RSU 21 have heard and read a great deal about the RSU 21 schools in peril and about the $75 million bond vote on Jan. 21 to save these schools.

What hasn’t been discussed publicly is the peril in which many voters find themselves financially. Senior citizens, for instance, live on fixed incomes and already budget every penny toward monthly mandatory expenses. Where will they get the additional tax money if the Jan. 21 vote passes? There no longer is a circuit breaker program, and, yes, many seniors depend upon that program.

In this economy, a number of citizens within the RSU 21 community are unemployed or underemployed.

Where will they find extra tax money, what will they have to give up? Of course citizens of all ages want the RSU 21 children to have excellent educations in a safe environment, but luxuries above and beyond what is required for an excellent education hurt more people than they help. Many people will be forced to reduce their spending even further, and in time this will hurt the local economy and local businesses even further. I urge a no vote on the proposed RSU 21 $75 million bond vote on Jan. 21. Make the RSU 21 board members aware that they are punishing and putting in peril many hard working and worried citizens of our three communities. With your no vote let the board know that this rushed bond vote is more than most in our communities can afford to pay.

With your no vote you will help them realize that the $75 million bond needs to be broken down into smaller parts for later votes, starting with the fine arts center proposed at Kennebunk High School.

This $25 million expenditure should come from private fundraising that will take time. Call your town clerk and request an absentee ballot They will be available on Dec. 21 and will free you from weather worries on Jan. 21. Return your ballot to your town clerk as soon as you cast your no vote.

Sue Walker

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