2013-12-13 / Letters

School renovation plan deserves support

To the editor:

Regional School Unit 21 has proposed an aggressive renovation plan for Kennebunk High School, Kennebunkport Consolidated School and Mildred L. Day School. The plan provides state-of-the-art facilities to all communities throughout the RSU and will provide a safe and appealing environment for learning.

Having worked in the public safety sector for my entire life, I believe the safety issue is one of particular note. Not only do the buildings need updated life safety systems such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems, the buildings also need a controlled access system as part of a comprehensive approach to the prevention of school violence. While no one wants to think of this, and statistically the chances are low, it is too important to ignore.

I further support the performing arts and athletic improvements in the RSU21 proposal. These programs are not simply optional, they are part of the fabric of the community.

Having vibrant dramatic, musical and athletic options provide a means for students to thrive and be part of a passionate community within the school system. These programs within the schools have a greater benefit to the entire RSU21 community.

I ask citizens to carefully evaluate the proposal and tour one of the facilities. There is considerable misinformation and subterfuge distributed throughout the community. The investment will benefit generations, and I will be voting yes.

Dan Limmer

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