2013-12-06 / Letters

Renovation project contains luxuries

To the editor:

The high school, as the major part of this remodeling project, would repair years of neglect by school boards that chose to ignore the breakdown of heating and electrical equipment, along with school equipment, like desks and lockers, by not making the day-to-day repairs. Normal maintenance, along with an occasional painting, would have changed the drab appearance of the school. Now we have no choice but to address this program, which has been one of planned obsolescence.

What we don’t need is a fine arts center, and enhancements to the sports programs, costs that would equate to as much as we would spend on improving the academic facilities of the school.

A fine arts center, proposed, that would cost in excess of $25 million, paid for, in part, by private donations of $20 million, has failed to raise even 2 percent of the goal, sports expenditures that would build a second gymnasium, build a football field using artificial turf, build locker rooms and restrooms both on the fields and in the school, these are luxuries, expenditures over and above what the schools need to provide our children with a quality education.

I would urge you to reject the bonding proposal on Jan. 21, not because the school does not need repairs, but because of the unproven need for a fine arts center and additions to the sports programs. Let the school board come back with these proposals as separate articles, if the voters then approve them, so be it.

Edward Geoghan

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