2013-10-25 / Community

Brick Store to feature ‘Art of the Barn’

The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk will host the “Art of the Barn” art exhibit through the end of December. A opening reception is planned for 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 29. All paintings will be available for purchase.

The barn has always been an iconic image in the New England landscape. Painters are drawn to the light and shadows on these handsome brooding structures and the hidden contents housing the story of farming and sustenance for generations. Most of the barns in New England are descended from the English barn. Their massive beams were the bones of almost windowless structures with a door that often ran the “short side” to allow air to flow through to dry the grain.

New Englanders adapted their barns in a number of ways. They changed the door from a hinged entrance to a slide. They built their barns larger and added more windows for light. They often attached the barn to the house to make it easier in the winter to tend their animals. In the early days they even lived on the second floor of the barn, above the livestock, utilizing the heat from below.

The artists participating in “Art of the Barn” were invited based on their interest and expertise in architecture in the landscape. They were each asked to create two pieces so their work could tell a story and visually discuss form and function in the art of the barn.

For more information, call the Brick Store Museum at 985-4802.

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