2013-08-02 / Letters

Neighbors urge research of mill plans

To the editor:

Recent coverage about the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust’s application to build a replica grist mill lacked many details which are coming to light as the project undergoes review by the town’s planning board.

The trust is asking to build, not only the replica mill, but also an appendage structure more than five times the size of the mill. It is called a museum or learning center, but contains a caterer’s kitchen.

Uses envisioned for this building include its rental for wedding receptions and other undefined private and public gatherings with potential indoor amplified music, none of which relate to the trust’s mission and all of which, we believe, are prohibited in the Village Residential Zone.

The developer seeks to locate this nonwater dependent structure within 75 feet of the river, a restricted area that is closed to development by all other property owners.

The mill operation meets the zoning ordinance definition of an industrial/ manufacturing use that is prohibited in this zone.

We encourage residents to read our attorney John Bannon’s letter to the planning board at www.savemilllanepark. blogspot.com. The site records the number of contacts, but no personal information.

The July 17 planning board meeting can be viewed via the town of Kennebunkport website at www.kennebunkportme.gov.

This matter is not a referendum about any individual or organization.

It is a zoning issue that will be determined by the planning board.

Lyman and Gill Page, Lora McGrath, Susan Graham, Jenifer Stewart,

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