2012-12-14 / Letters

Are Prelude fireworks necessary?

To the editor:

Last year the Christmas Prelude celebration hit a milestone with 30 years of family fun. A magical fireworks celebration to mark the event was appropriate and appreciated by most participants.

It, however, makes you wonder if fireworks at Christmas Prelude really needs to be an annual event?

After all, does it make sense to shoot thousands of dollars into the air and blowing it up for the sake of a few brief oohs and aahs and frighten animals within a several-mile radius? I am not against fireworks, Fourth of July celebrations would not be the same with out them and they accentuate a special event such as 30 years of Christmas Prelude.

Granted, this year’s fireworks were made possible through generous donations, but is the money really well spent? This time of the year there are numerous good causes that could benefit from such munificence. Currently, the mid-Atlantic states are still reeling from the devastation of superstorm Sandy and President Obama just asked Congress for another $60 billion in aid for recovery. Maybe the thousands spent on the fireworks could have had a more lasting effect on victims of Sandy’s destruction. I know I would have been moved if roles were reversed.

The holiday season is a special time of the year. Christmas Prelude has become an internationally known family experience with a variety of diverse events and functions. So many people put in a lot of effort and work to make it such an exceptional event and we are fortunate to live in the area. Until the 40th celebration of Prelude, I propose we reconsider fireworks and go back to “Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm …”

Malte Lukas

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