2012-12-14 / Front Page

Shells found in middle school hallway

By Tracy Orzel
Staff Writer

KENNEBUNK – In an email sent to parents and community members, Superintendent Andrew Dolloff confirmed two male students found four .22 caliber shells in the eighth-grade hallway at the Middle School of the Kennebunks late Monday afternoon.

“We were able to speak with two young men who had mistakenly and unknowingly brought the shells to school in the jackets they had worn target shooting the previous day with one of the boys’ fathers,” said Dolloff. 

The morning of Tuesday, Dec. 18, Dolloff and School Resource Officer Nathan Jones searched the boys’ lockers, backpacks, jackets and other personal belongings and found no weapons or cause for concern.

“(The shells) were found in a couple of different locations very close to one another. It’s likely they were in a sweatshirt pocket and the sweatshirt was being carried and they bounced out,” said Dolloff. 

Dolloff said the boys “merely made a mistake that is not uncommon during this time of year, leaving unused shells in their pockets after a day of target shooting.”

Dolloff declined comment on whether the boys face disciplinary action.

After a thorough investigation, Principal Jeff Rodman and Dolloff felt comfortable continuing the school day as scheduled.

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