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Daughter thrilled with ‘princess’ party

Daisy Gallup of Kennebunkport was treated to a surprise ‘princess’ birthday party by five local girls. (Courtesy photo) Daisy Gallup of Kennebunkport was treated to a surprise ‘princess’ birthday party by five local girls. (Courtesy photo) To the editor:

This is a heartfelt thank you to an amazing group of folks who gave a 6-yearold named Daisy a birthday she will never forget.

Dressed up head to toe as five Disney princesses, Abby McGee (who babysits our daughter) and four of her friends arrived a couple weeks ago at Consolidated School to pick up the birthday girl. Each brought with them a piece of another Disney costume – a crown, a few pieces of jewelry, white gloves, shoes and a dress – so Daisy could join their princess ranks.

Whisking her away in a beautiful vintage Jeep driven by its owner and local antique car enthusiast Bob Lothrop and his wife, Pat, Daisy was escorted back to her home on Chase Hill for a princess party to remember.

It was an unbelievable sight for this mom who, hidden behind a curtain in Consolidated School’s gym, watched all of this unfold.

Then to drive home inconspicuously behind this vintage car full of princesses, five full-sized and one whose head you could barely see over the seat back, with a convertible driving behind for princess overflow, was a sight to see.

What impressed me more than the costumes, the car and the fanfare, however, and the reason for this letter, was the incredible generosity of spirit of all of those involved, some of whom had never met Daisy and all of whom put this together without any involvement from my husband Les and me.

From the hearts of gold of our neighbors Sue and Dave Plass, to Abby, who, as Jasmine, got this all going, to her friends and fellow princesses, Stephanie Macisso as Snow White, Mackenzie Gordon as Cinderella, Cheyenne Fitzgerald as Ariel and Doria King as Belle, Chris Macisso for her beautiful princess cake,and to Bob and Pat Lothrop with their heavenly automobile, a resounding thank you.

Almost daily, Daisy speaks of her visit from the princesses.

While she was sad to see them go, she understood they were needed back in Florida and all had flights to catch. Yes, to Daisy, they were the Disney princesses.

Thank you. You gave a little girl an experience of a lifetime.

Kingsley Gallup
Lower Village Kennebunk

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