2012-10-26 / Letters

Why should town continue to pay for lot?

To the editor:

The Mobil lot was obtained with the idea that it would be changed from an eye sore into a parcel that could be sold if the building was removed, the fuel tanks removed and, in general, any toxics were removed. The total project cost for doing all this, including the cost of the lot, but not including legal fees and other staff costs like landscaping, maintenance, cleanup, benches, etc., is $309,884.

The idea was that all this effort would be done in order to sell the land. Well, now some people in town have decided that the benefit of keeping this parcel far outweighs the cost to the town and have gotten a referendum on the November ballot to keep it.

My wife and I voted against the original idea of buying this land and have already voted by absentee ballot to not keep it. It seems to us that it’s time to say enough is enough.

In last week’s Kennebunk Post Teri Collard proclaimed the benefits of keeping the lot. My question is, why should the town be paying all this money out to benefit private concerns?

Allan R. Amoling

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