2012-10-26 / Letters

Costs to withdraw likely to be greater

To the editor:

The time is approaching for the citizens of Arundel to once again vote on a sensitive issue regarding our school.

Cost, apparently, was the number one issue driving the movement to withdraw from Regional School Unit 21. Supporters and opponents of withdrawal cite other reasons for leaving or staying. However, cost was in the forefront and therefore an independent consultant was hired to analyze and compare the costs of withdrawing from the RSU to those of remaining in the RSU.

Some people in this town clearly understand the numbers while others do not. Some people agree with the numbers while others choose not to believe in them. Some people in this town simply do not understand what the vote is about. I know that because I have talked to some of them.

Bottom line: At last week’s town meeting, the consultant was directly asked whether it would cost less to remain in RSU 21 or to withdraw. He responded that looking at the probabilities, the costs to withdraw would likely be greater.

You can view his response in the video of last week’s meeting, which is posted on the town of Arundel’s website.

Rachael Ryan

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