2012-09-14 / Letters

Bicyclists should have to register, too

To the editor:

It seems as though each year we have more tourists coming to Kennebunkport and with them they bring extra bicycles into the area.

As a driver of a car, I am charged, for the lack of a better word, to use the roads. This comes in the form of motor registration, excise tax, etc.

Every day I have to dodge and weave so as to not run over a bicyclist.

These are the same folks who run stop signs, have no idea what a hand sign for turning is and are not supposed to ride three abreast on the roads.

Now they have added an even better twist to their abilities, cell phones. I have noticed that they are adept at using some hand signals so I would assume they are trainable.

It comes to this: It wouldn’t make the roads any less congested or safer, but shouldn’t they have to pay to have their bikes registered?

Shouldn’t they have to pass a written and a riding test? Bikers have to. Owners and drivers of a car do.

Just where do these people get off with a free ride?

Perhaps if they did our towns could afford to put in bike lanes instead of sidewalks that few people use.

I don’t want to sound harsh I would just have to appear at the pearly gates and tell St. Peter, ‘No sir, I’m not sure just what happened but I do remember a big truck, a bicyclist and me. Guess I lost.’

Clenda B. Wildes

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